What We Do

CiviliNation provides a number of services for the larger online community. Each section below explains those services in more detail; please feel free to contact us with any questions. However, we cannot provide legal advice or mental health counseling, nor do we offer legal or mental health referral services.


CiviliNation provides both strategic direction as well as tactical tools to foster an online culture in which individuals can fully engage and contribute without fear or threat of being the target of unwarranted abuse, harassment, or lies.

CiviliNation Harassment Barometer

The CiviliNation Harassment Barometer is a research report that monitors the prevalence of online harassment in the United States. The research, conducted by our research partners at the Advertising Benchmark Index, is updated regularly.

Radical Civility

Check out What is #RadicalCivility? More to come.

Best Practices

CiviliNation provides information and offers resources that identify and teach the most effective ways to engage online while balancing the important interests of freedom of speech, privacy, responsibility and accountability.

Online Community

CiviliNation is a place for individuals to discuss the issue of cybercivility, to share their concerns and experience with online hostility, to talk about the impact online hostility has had on them, to offer each other support, and to share ideas on how to create a positive online culture where people can freely engage without fear or threat of harassment or abuse.


As part of CiviliNation’s outreach program, the organization maintains a steady schedule of social media outreach via its Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels and speaking engagements.

In the News

CiviliNation founder Andrea Weckerle is a frequent speaker at events, conferences and in the media regarding the issues of online harassment, character assassination and violence. See In The News for more information.

Social Media Outreach

Learn the latest news and updates about online hostility, harassment, character assassination and other topics through CiviliNation’s Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel.

Taking A Stand Initiative

CiviliNation’s Taking A Stand initiative lets people show their support for an online culture where everyone has a voice without fear or threat of attack.


CiviliNation offers a number of guest lectures and training programs for organizations, universities, and online communities looking to improve their students’ and members’ engagement online.

For Organizations

CiviliNation offers guest lectures, presentations and training to organizations interested in learning how they and their members and employees can positively participate in an unpredictable online environment and deal with the personal and professional impact of online hostility.

For Colleges and Universities

CiviliNation offers guest lectures, presentations and training to colleges and universities interested in learning how they and their students and employees can positively participate in an unpredictable online environment, and how they can both minimize and effectively respond to incidences of online hostility in a hyper-connected world.

For Communications Professionals

CiviliNation offers guest lectures, presentations and training to online community managers, PR practitioners and social media professionals on the basics of online conflict analysis and resolution so they can learn how to constructively deal with the inevitable conflicts that occur within their communities and online.