The erstwhile utopian vision of the Internet as a place where people can do as they wish without consideration for others and without repercussions died a painful death when the reality of the ugly way too many people actually behave online set it.

It’s time to change direction and create the Internet we want to have for the next one-hundred years.


We need a global movement that transforms the Internet from an insidious playground of harassment and hate to an online culture that embraces #RadicalCivility.

What is #RadicalCivility?

  1. Making a conscious decision to help stop the epidemic of harassment, hostility and hatred online
  2. Realizing we live in the real world where our behavior has ripple effects
  3. Refusing to spread negativity and hatred around like a contagion
  4. Helping create an online culture where people can fully engage and contribute without fear or threat of being the target of abuse, harassment, or lies
  5. Holding ourselves to a higher standard than our critics and opponents
  6. Realizing that strongly-held beliefs don’t need to devolve into online attacks
  7. Letting go of the notion that in order for us to be “right” we need to prove to others that they are “wrong”
  8. Responding instead of reacting
  9. Doing the hard work of learning how to express our frustrations in a constructive way
  10. Using our critical thinking skills before posting online
  11. Recognizing that true freedom of expression means allowing others to have a voice as well
  12. Being more interested in the truth than in proving we are “right”
  13. Giving support and comfort to those being unfairly attacked online
  14. Putting our energy into finding real solutions instead of merely bemoaning the problems
  15. Deciding to be positive role models for others online

How do YOU define #RadicalCivility? Share your ideas on social media with the hashtag #RadicalCivility!