Online Hostility Legal Support Program – Network of Attorneys

CiviliNation is creating a specialized network of attorneys and law firms that individuals can contact  to identify their legal issues and determine the legal viability of their specific case.

If you know of or are a lawyer with experience representing clients who were the targets of online attacks, online privacy violations or Internet defamation, please share the attorney’s contact information in the comments below or email us at


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One thought on “Online Hostility Legal Support Program – Network of Attorneys”

  1. This is a really good idea and I commend CiviliNation for taking a proactive approach to addressing some of the very real practical difficulties confronted by victims of cyberbullying. From both personal experience and speaking with others who find themselves the target of an online attack I can say that the overwhelming hopelessness and despair is compounded by the lack of knowledge about where to seek advice.

    In retrospect I think that I just ‘got lucky’ with my legal representation but I am aware of others both in Australia and other countries who have no idea who to contact. Defamation law is very complex and this is compounded by additional factors such as jurisdiction when it one is defamed or attacked on the internet. This project will go along way towards providing very real assistance to people who would otherwise perhaps not be able to find a solution.

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