How To Annoy People Online

It’s not just the most extreme examples of trolling or asshole-like behavior that add to the shocking and destructive behavior we see online, it’s the everyday occurrences that make a long-term impact as well.

So what are some simple ways of annoying people when you’re online? Here is a short list:

  • Attack an individual instead of the issue
  • Use racist and sexist stereotypes
  • Make ad hominem attacks
  • Be loose with the truth or blatantly lie
  • Make unsubstantiated negative generalizations
  • Act like a┬áhypocrite
  • Pretend you’re someone you’re not
  • Act as if you know it all
  • Fail to apologize when you’re wrong
  • Innocently pretend that you’re simply exerting your freedom of expression when you’re acting like a jerk



(Image obtained from Wikimedia Commons)