CiviliNation Launches Fundraising Campaign to Create the CiviliNation Academy for Online Conflict Management

CiviliNation is launching a fundraising campaign to create the CiviliNation Academy for Online Conflict Management!

We want to build a global resource library that will become THE place to go get real-world information and expert advice when you face the misunderstandings, clashes, and reputational hits that happen online on a daily basis. Think “Khan Academy” but with a conflict management focus. That’s our goal!

Featuring a combination of animated videos teaching core concepts and videos showcasing experts in online reputation management, privacy protection, identity management and legal solutions, the CiviliNation Academy for Online Conflict Management will house a library containing hundreds of videos.

These videos will teach everything people need to know about strategically managing online problems, effectively dealing with critics and haters, staying calm during disagreements, maintaining a strong and positive online footprint, and knowing what legal options they have against online detractors and reputational smears.

And it’ll be offered in bite-sized chunks of information viewable back-to-back or whenever there are a couple of minutes available.

And best of all, the CiviliNation Academy will be available online to everyone around the world. For FREE.

Learn more about the campaign and how you can help support it by clicking UPDATE: The Indigogo campaign is over, but the fundraising is far from over. You can give by clicking on the big button, and we hope you will consider it.

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