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Education for Organizations:

CiviliNation offers guest lecturers, presentations and training to organizations interested in learning how they and their members can positively participate in an unpredictable online environment and deal with the personal and professional impact of online hostility.

Education for Colleges and Universities:

CiviliNation offers guest lecturers, presentations and training to colleges and universities interested in learning how they and their members can positively participate in an unpredictable online environment, and how they can both minimize and effectively respond to incidences of online hostility in a hyper-connected world.

Education for Online Communities & Community Managers:

CiviliNation offers guest lecturers and presentations to online communities and their community managers on the basics of conflict analysis and resolution. CiviliNation is also creating a conflict management education and skills training program for online community managers so they can learn how to constructively deal with the inevitable conflicts that occur within their communities.

Online Hostility Legal Support Program:

CiviliNation is creating a network of attorneys and law firms that individuals can contact free of charge to identify their legal issues and determine the legal viability of their specific case.[/tab]

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Online Community:

CiviliNation’s online community Civilicommunity (slated for July 2011) is a place for individuals to discuss the issue of cybercivility, to share their concerns and experience with online hostility, the talk about the impact online hostility has had on them, to offer each other support, and to share ideas on how to create a positive online culture where people can freely engage without fear or threat of harassment or abuse.

Best Practices:

CiviliNation publishes Quick Overview summaries and other papers that identify and teach the most effective ways to engage online while balancing the important interests of freedom of speech, privacy, responsibility and accountability.[/tab]

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In the News:

CiviliNation founder Andrea Weckerle is a frequent speaker at events, conferences and in the media regarding the issues of freedom of speech and online hostility. See the News Tab for more information.

Taking A Stand Campaign:

CiviliNation’s Taking A Stand campaign lets people show their support for an online culture where everyone has a voice without fear or threat of attack.

WCVL Radio

CiviliNation’s WCVL Civility Speaks Out, a collaborative effort between CiviliNation and The Civility CEO, is a monthly online radio show addressing incivility at work, in our communities, in politics and online, and discusses how individuals can make a positive change.[/tab]

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Annual Conference  & Awards:

CiviliNation’s future conferences will feature experts from the fields of law, technology, media, conflict resolution, communications, psychology/psychiatry and neuroscience discussing the issue of online hostility, its impact on society, and how to positively impact the online communications environment.

The Cybercivility Awards will recognize individuals, media entities, educational institutions, organizations and companies that substantially contribute to the promotion, education or research of cybercivility. Award categories include:

  • Cybercivility Visionary
  • Cybercivility Innovator (individual)
  • Cybercivility Innovator (business)
  • Cybercivility Innovator (non-profit)
  • Cybercivility Film/Video or Podcast
  • Cybercivility Online Campaign
  • Online Reputation Management Service Provider.

(Conference and awards slated for 2012-2013)[/tab]